Our pheasant feathers for sale are smattered with an array of colorful patterns that adds vibrancy to any craft project. Rich in texture and design while soft and lightweight, these are malleable and versatile and are popular for making colorful pheasant feather crafts, decorations, and displays. Add a rustic sensibility to any space with a centerpiece or piece of art adorned with high-quality craft pheasant feathers. There are multiple species of these game birds, and the feathers of each species have a unique consistency and coloration. Our pheasant feathers for sale also change in density, length, and softness as you switch from the body to the wing to the tail. Ringneck pheasant feathers typically are composed of more earthen tones and are great for millinery and clothing applications. The striking hues and naturally colored tips of most golden pheasant feathers work splendidly for crafts like masks and as hat feathers. With their signature stripes and dependable toughness, Lady Amherst pheasant feathers can evoke a regal disposition or a bohemian vibe in any bouquet or centerpiece. Silver pheasant feathers boast a unique arrow pattern and, contrary to what the name might suggest, are sold in dozens of different bright, vivid colors. For all-natural autumnal decorations, you can’t go wrong with our Reeves Venery pheasant feathers for sale, small and light enough to even be placed in a corsage or boutonniere. For all species of pheasant Moonlight Feather stocks plumage, tail feathers, tip feathers, and other types of feathers in a multitude of impressive colors made possible by dyeing and bleaching. Always order our craft pheasant feathers in bulk to save big – if you don’t see that option, simply call us to inquire.