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Exotic Feathers

Parrot, Macaw, Pheasant

Orange Tips Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers are stunning with their iridescent striped pattern and dye-free orange tips. Emu feathers are long and wispy and are prefect to create or add to a natural, soft look. Jungle Coque loose feathers are popular for their unique, natural pattern. These small exotic feathers for sale would be perfect for use as accents to feather earrings or for unique crafting purposes.    

 Iridescent Macaw feathers are incomparable in it's natural, dye-free vivid coloring. They would make for absolutely exquisite DIY feather earrings.  These and our other exotic bird feathers (parrot, cockatiel, cockatoo, etc.) are natural molt feathers from the pets of our suppliers.

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