Golden Pheasant Feathers

Golden Pheasant Feathers are very intriguing. With their beautiful colors and natural markings, they make great use as craft materials, hat feathers, masks, mixed media and more! Feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are handpicked. We offer a huge variety of natural and dyed pheasant feather colors for your feather-crafting delight! The triangular Golden pheasant tippet feather are small to medium sized plumage feathers that are naturally patterned with a stripe. The vivid dyed colors that Moonlight Feather provides make them perfect for exquisite crafting needs. Natural Golden pheasant plumage feathers have beautiful, naturally colored tips at the end of the soft, grey-brown fluff. Consider using these feathers for jewelry making for a very bohemian vibe. Tail and tip feathers are stiff feathers that have many uses such as earring crafting, bouquet accenting, jewelry designing, and so much more! Be creative with these feathers and design wonderful, incomparable crafts!