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Goose Nagoire Feathers  

Our Goose nagoire feathers create a fabulous look for masks, dream catcher, costume, fly tying and many more craft projects. Crafters love using fluffy plumage feathers like Goose Nagoire and Goose Coquille on wedding decoration, jewelry crafting, and so much more! Goose Nagoire feathers are rounded and are approximately 4-6" long while Goose Coquille feathers are short and fluffy and are approximately 2-3" long. The shape and stiffness of Goose Satinettes are small to medium sized feathers perfect for headdress accenting, jewelry designing, and plain old feather crafting! Goose Satinettes arts and crafts feathers are approximately 5-7" long and have a quintessential "feather look" to them which makes them the perfect for kids craft projects! For a satin feel and smooth texture choose goose feathers for arts and crafts! These goose nagoire feathers are soft and comes in many colors. We do offer custom dye if you cannot find any colors you need on our site. These are the best quality goose satinettes you can find in the market. We offer arts and crafts feathers in small quantity and also in bulk. Call us if you have more questions!

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