10 Pieces - Solid Gray Thin Long Rooster Hair Extension Feathers

Moonlight Feather
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This listing is for 10 individual premium quality genetic rooster hair extension feathers. Each feathers range from 7-11 inches. Sometimes longer. They can be as fine as 1mm - 2mm. These are long narrow feathers that are soft and flexible. That is why people use them on their hair.
This is a custom dyed beautiful shade of silver grey feather that is modern and cool. It gives you the contemporary look in your design that is Zen and gender neutral.
These genetic rooster feathers are special breed of US for a very niche market. They are rare and perfect as hair extension feathers.  Other uses include jewelry making, arts and crafts, party decorations and fly tying. You can wash, blow, dry and curl them. Put them in your hair and they will last for weeks with proper care!
These hair feathers vary widely in shape and size and all these grey feathers are in good condition. Some ends might not be perfect but you can easily trim them with scissors.
Wholesale and bulk purchase of the long rooster hair extension feathers are available upon request.


Please note that dyed feathers may vary slightly in color as a result of being in different dye lots.  Although the differences should only be slight, please contact us if you need the colors to match.