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LONG Grizzly Hair Extension Featherslonggrizzlyhairfeathershead.jpg

The REAL Unique Grizzly chevron pattern on these feathers is what has made them the staple of the feather hair extension industry. Popular for decades in small areas, these long grizzly feather hair extensions recently rose to super stardom after they were seen in the hair of celebrities like Steven Tyler, Mylie Cyrus, Hillary Duff and others.
Only natural long rooster hair extensions flow with the hair and create the chic bohemian look that is in such high demand. Our long grizzly rooster feather hair extensions are 7 to 11 inches long. They are as fine as 1-3mm in width. They are not bonded or joined in any way so you can use as many or as few as you like. Feel free to wash, blow dry, curl, straighten, or trim them as needed. Watch our tutorial here on how to put the rooster hair extension in your hair.

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