Reeves Venery Pheasant Feathers

All the coloring and patterning of these alluring Reeves' pheasant feathers are 100% natural! Great for making jewelry, crafts, decorations and displays, these feathers add a unique, exquisite touch to any application. Feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are handpicked. The patterns of these venery feathers are incomparable and are beautifully bohemian! Pheasant plumage feathers are sized small to medium and are prefect for your unique crafting designs! Pheasant wing and tail feathers are stiff feathers sized small to medium that can be used for a multitude of crafting purposes such as beautiful earring crafting, boutonniere or corsage designing, feather accenting, and headdress making. Find out what creative things you can design with Reeves Pheasant feathers!