10 Pieces - 20-28" Antique Gold Ostrich Spads Large Wing Feathers

Moonlight Feather
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This listing is for 10 pieces of antique gold ostrich spads. These ostrich feathers range in size from 20 to 28 inches long with pointy endsNot all feathers are perfect in a pack because of the nature of the feathers. You tend to find the tip of the feathers being chipped because they are baby ostrich wing feathers that has to molt before fuller wing plumes come out.
Ostrich spads are basically immature ostrich wing feathers. Just like baby teeth, these spads need to shed to make space for beautiful wing plumes to come in. These large feathers vary in shape and size and you can easily trim them to your liking. Most of the tip of the feather has to be trimmed in order for them to be even.
These feathers are cheaper alternative for table centerpiece for wedding, party and Gatsby theme events. You can also use these feathers for costume, headdress, home decor, mardi gras outfit and so much more. 
Quantity discount and wholesale is available on these ostrich spad feathers. They are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

Please note that dyed feathers may vary slightly in color as a result of being in different dye lots.  Although the differences should only be slight, please contact us if you need the colors to match.