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THICK LONG Hair Extension Feathersthicklonghairextensionfeath.jpg

More Width, More Wild with Our Hair Extension Feathers

 These premium genetic real thick long feathers are one of our most popular, and work best for medium or long hair. We only buy the best saddles in the market and offer them to our customers. If you want a bold look that stands out, choose thick! For best results, these long feather hair extensions should be applied under the top layers of the hair.  To create a dramatic look, contrast the color of feathers according to the color of your hair.
These thick hair feather extensions come in packs of 6 and each feather will range from 7-11 inches. they are approximately 1/2 to 1 inch wide and can be washed, blow dried, curled, and straightened.  Long feather hair extensions are dyed in vast variety of colors so choose the one that complement your look best! Watch our tutorial here on how to put in the thick feather extensions onto your hair.

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