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Turkey Feathers 

Crafting, Accessorizing, and Designing with Turkey Feathers

Moonlight Feather offers Turkey Feathers in a variety of fun, playful colors for your choosing! We offer a variety of turkey body feathers for sale. Turkey flats, fluff and marabou are among the most popular turkey feathers. Moonlight Feather Wild Turkey Flats are exquisite with a natural patterning and sheen. Turkey Fluff feathers are small sized, fluffy plumage feathers which are great for crafting, scrap booking, and jewelry making. 

Turkey Feathers also come in larger, more stereotypical feather shapes. Turkey pointer feathers and turkey quills are quite large, about 12+ inches, and we offer them in many different colors. Turkey rounds are also the base feather for imitation eagle feathers. Imitation eagle feathers are made by dying only the top 3 inches of the turkey rounds. It gives a very realistic look great for decorating or costumes.

When it comes to accessorizing, nothing beats a feather boa. Our turkey feather boas are made from one of three different types of turkey feather. Marabou boas are extremely soft and fluffy. Chandelle boas are fluffy as well, but the feathers have a more defined shape to them. Turkey Flat Boas are the largest of all. They use full size turkey flats strung together to form these boas. Be it the thin, soft marabou boa or the gigantic turkey flat boas, throw one over you go out for an easy feather accessory.