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Turkey Feathers


Moonlight Feather is the go-to online destination for plush, ultra-soft down turkey feathers and trim in a splendid variety of dazzling colors and designs. Create memorable Native American crafts and stunning works of art with our premium quality turkey feathers for sale. Jewelry, clothing, and fabulous accessories take on a new personality when accented with vibrant and fun feathers. At Moonlight Feather we carry naturally patterned options and feathers infused with deep hues to create splendid lavender, aquamarine, magenta, and hot pink feathers. For the greatest variety and the highest quality, the only choice is Moonlight Feather.
Pack your latest decorative project with plenty of personality. Choose from a multitude of natural turkey feathers for sale. The iconic small, fluffy plumage feathers are available in bulk for school assignments and do-it-yourself arts and crafts. Marabou down feathers are irresistibly soft and incredibly popular for autumnal home decorating. Pick up delightful feather fringe trim for your next costume or princess-themed décor. And for the traditional feather shape, choose between several styles of turkey quills and pointer feathers that evoke a rustic majesty.
In addition to the items listed below, we carry several boas and other products that incorporate our turkey feathers for sale. Our luxurious turkey tail feathers and flat boas for sale are perfect for any occasion needing a little glam and decadence. Perfect for performance or for kitsch fashion, the feather boas at Moonlight Feather are expertly constructed to last without losing their shape. We’re always stocking new styles and colors of turkey feather decorations – if you see something you love, get it now while you can!

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