Bulk Goose Feathers

These bulk goose feathers are purely natural, not artificially molded, making each feather unique and rare. We offer a wide selection of wholesale goose feathers perfect for wedding parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and themed decorations. Moonlight Feather offers natural and dyed goose-down feathers that feature velvety and smooth or round and wide for a versatile effect for any craft project or decoration. Effortlessly creating stunning pieces, bulk goose feathers add depth, classic style, texture, and an extra bit of flair to floral arrangements, table centerpieces, pieces of jewelry, hat trims, and costume accessories. Don’t spend a copious amount of money to get high quality feathers. Large goose feather for crafts will still have the quill attached and provide stiffness and sturdiness, while small down feathers are soft and fluffy. They can be stripped, trimmed, curled, and more to revamp hats, masks, costumes, accessories, and other projects. Moonlight Feather’s wholesale goose feather packs provide you with a wide variety of options like sizes, colors, and shapes to help you find exactly what you need. Browse our collection of wholesale goose feathers below.