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Goose Satinettes Feathers

Loosey Goosey

Our Goose Body feathers create a fabulous look for masks, craft projects, and can be used for any decorative use that you like. Crafters love using fluffy plumage feathers like Goose Nagoire and Goose Coquille on wedding decoration, jewelry crafting, and so much more! Goose Nagoire are rounded and longer while Goose Coquille feathers are rounded and wider. The shape and stiffness of Goose Satinettes are small to medium sized feathers perfect for headdress accenting, jewelry designing, and plain old feather crafting! Goose Satinette feathers have a quintessential "feather look" to them which makes them the perfect feather to craft with for kids craft projects! Choose Goose Body feathers for a satin feel and smooth texture!

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