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Duck Cochettes

Our loose duck feathers give a creative look to jewelry, crafts, decorations, and even fly tying. Sizes and width of these loose duck feathers will range. These are smooth, natural feathers and each one is unique in their own way.The Duck Feather Center Stripped Fan is beautiful itself set as a fan but the loose duck feathers can be undone and pulled apart for individual use. The long, curved spine is quite stiff and makes this feather 4.5 - 5 inches long in total. Perfect for crafting use such as scrapbooking, headdress designing, and any other crafts in need of such a beautiful look with a stiff and sturdy stem.  Duck Cochettes are a favorite and most popular among the duck quill feathers for it's simplistic look and satin feel. These feathers are comparable to Goose Satinette Feathers by form and by texture. What differentiates the two is that the Duck Cochettes range 3 to 4 inches while the Goose Satinettes range 4 to 6. Duck Cochettes are also not as wide as Goose Satinettes and also have a thicker, stiffer spine. Duck Cochettes are beautiful small feathers that are perfect for the quintessential "look" of a feather to be used for scrapbooking, crafting, and jewelry making!  

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