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Turkey Marabou Feathers

Marabou Feathers are the soft down part of the turkey and often replaces fur in the fashion industry and serves as a widespread use for clothing garments, feather boas, millinery, and jewelry making. Turkey marabou feathers can also be used for fly tying streamers and lures. The turkey is one of the most important birds for the provision of fly tying feathers. Turkey marabou forms the backbone of streamers because of their superb mobility.

These feathers' lightweight compositions make application to any material easy. Cut it into different lengths and sections for a variety of uses. The marabou feather is the fluffiest and softest part of the turkey featuring a wispy vane with a small center quill. They are easy to sew, glue, and mix and match. Versatile and eye-catching, these marabou feathers are perfect for a vast array of projects, including fly fishing or tying, arts & crafts, fashion accessories, carnival feathers, masks, hats, and many more. The marabou feathers also make for great accents in floral arrangements and home decorating. Browse our collection of turkey marabou craft feathers below.

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