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Bulk Peacock Feathers

Peacocks are renowned for their elegant, soft, vibrant feathers. For countless events, parties, and arts projects, peacock wholesale feathers serve as valuable centerpieces or as costume accouterments. Buying bulk peacock feather crafts from Moonlight Feather allows you to purchase copious amounts of the feathers and materials you need at a terrific bargain.
We stock wholesale packages of beautiful and natural peacock sword feathers cut in various lengths. Each pack of peacock spreading feathers comes with a mixture of left and right swords. The feathers in each bulk purchase will vary in shape, as these come from real peacocks and no two feathers are exactly alike. Curl peacock sword feathers like you would a ribbon for extra dimension and personality in your craftwork.
In addition to sword feathers we also sell tail eye peacock feathers in bulk. Glam up any event or piece of art with the arresting pattern of a peacock tail eye. The tail eyes can easily be cut from the rest of the feather with a pair of craft scissors for uses that don’t require the additional stem length. Purchase 50, 100, or even 500 tail eye feathers – when you buy bulk peacock feathers, your savings increase when you buy more!
Our wholesale peacock feather packages are available in a wide variety of custom dyed and bleached hues. Whether you’re searching for a shimmering sliver, a glistening gold, or a powerful purple we stock the color you need. Liven up your jewelry, costumes, crafts, and wedding decorations while saving a fortune when you buy peacock feathers in bulk.

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