Feathers are a great way to adorn any project or gathering. This natural material is perfectly fit to decorate. What's better, 99% of all commercial feathers are farm-raised making them a completely sustainable resource. Some, like ostrich and parrot, are naturally molted by the birds making them completely cruelty free. Its even less invasive to the animal than shearing a sheep. Come Halloween time, feathers are a great material for costume making. Angel wings are always a popular project. When the Holiday's roll around, pheasant and peacock feathers make beautiful home and table decorations. A feather folded in a napkin makes a beautiful table embellishment. Come wedding season, nothing beautifies the ballroom like lovely flowing ostrich feather centerpieces. Make it a wedding theme by using ostrich fringe for the bridal gown and accessories and the groom can get a feather/flower boutonniere. When the weather starts to warm up, we have all the feathers you will need for fly tying and fletching. From hackle for wooly buggers to turkey rounds for arrows all the feathers you need are here at Moonlight Feather.