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​Pheasant Feather Bobby Pins

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This week we’re bringing you guys a project that is super sweet and simple; not to mention an easy way to spice up your hairstyle! Feather adorned bobby pins are a quick craft that you can make in 10 minutes or less, and who doesn’t love having cool hair accessories? Pheasant feathers are some of the most beautiful patterned feathers you will find, so using them for this project was a no-brainer. Let’s get started!

Supplies you’ll need:

-Several bobby pins in the color of your choosing (match your hair color or go with black)

-Medium sized black glass beads

-Silver beading wire, medium gauge

-Wire cutters

-Needle-nose pliers


-Green Bronze Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers

-Brown Reeves Venery Pheasant Plumage Feathers

Step 1:

First, we need to trim and arrange our feathers. Each bobby pin is going to have 2 or 3 feathers attached to it, so select which feathers you want each one to have. Then, take each feather individually and strip the feather-hairs that are towards the quill tip at the bottom of the feather. You can do this by grasping the hairs and pulling them down; they should come off pretty easily. You want the top part of the feather to remain about an inch long, so strip the excess length off and trim the quill until your feather is about 1 ¼” long and has a nice shape to it. Repeat with the remaining feathers.

Step 2:

Cut about 2 feet of wire and begin wrapping it through and around the end of the bobby pin a few times. Slide the bead onto the wire until it meets the top of the bobby pin.

Step 3:

Take each feather arrangement; stacking the feathers one on top of the other until they are arranged how you like. If they don’t stay together during the next step, it may help to add a drop of glue or to tie them together with a small amount of thread.

Step 4:

Push the feather arrangement into the bead and then wrap the end of the feather around with wire until it’s fully covered. Trim the wire with the wire cutters, fold the ends, and push it into the bead to cover it. You are done!

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