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​Wedding Invitations - Feather Inspired Wedding Details

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Wedding Invitations

As you’re getting ready for the big day, one of the most important steps is sending out your wedding invites! This is the first impression you’ll make on your guests. This Feather Wedding Invitation Tutorial will be sure to leave a charming, lasting impression with your friends and family.


Wedding Invitations


2 inch Ribbon

Double Sided Tape

Skinny Decorative Ribbon

Silver Pheasant Barred Plumage


To add the special feather details to your invitations, you will start by cutting the 2 inch ribbon to fit all the way around the envelope. Secure the ribbon with a piece of double sided tape to hold it in place.

Next, wrap the skinny ribbon around the larger ribbon and tie a bow in the front. Tuck the feather under the larger ribbon and secure with double sided tape.

Now you are ready to send out your special invited to your guests!

Happy wedding planning!

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