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​Geometric Pheasant Feather & Copper Wreath

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Summer time is coming up fast and who doesn’t love a little summertime décor? This wreath is a cool triangle shape, it’s complete in just a few steps, and it will hold up beautifully all summer and beyond! Grab a few pheasant feathers, some greenery, and a couple other supplies to get started!

Supplies you’ll need:

-3 pieces of 3/4” size copper piping, 10” in length each


-Floral wire

-Floral tape

-Colorful washi tape


-Leaf and greenery clippings in various lengths (real or artificial)

-Natural Golden Pheasant Tail Feathers 8-10”

-Natural Silver Pheasant Tail Feathers 6-8”

Step 1:

Cut a length of wire that is about 4 inches long and a length of twine that is about 40” long. Tightly wrap one end of the wire around one end of the twine.

Step 2:

Begin stringing the wire and twine through the ends of the pipes to connect them. Fold them into a triangle shape, remove the wire from the end of the twine, and tie the ends of the twine together to secure the pipes together. Tie another knot further up to form a loop to be able to hang the wreath up.

Step 3:

Take your leaf and greenery trimmings and bundle them up in a way that looks nice. Add in a pheasant feather or two and secure it all together tightly with floral tape.

Step 4:

Where the top of your triangle is, attach the bundle to one pipe using the washi tape. Wrap it a few times around to ensure that it is securely attached! Repeat on the other side with another feather or two and some more washi tape.

Hang the wreath on a wall as décor or on a door as a nice welcoming piece! You are all done!

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