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​Miniature Feather In A Bottle Necklace

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Who doesn’t love a cute necklace for summer? These mini bottle necklaces are very dainty and charming; and also a cute way to display some tiny, beautiful feathers. Head to your local craft store to pick up a couple supplies and get started! This is a great project for adults and kids that will leave you with an adorable necklace to wear all summer long!

Supplies you’ll need:

-Miniature glass bottle charms with cork tops (found in the jewelry section of craft stores)

-A 22”-30” necklace chain

-Needle nose pliers

-Mini Natural Gold Jungle Cock Eye Feathers

-Blue Iridescent Peacock Crown/Corona Feathers


-A toothpick

Step 1:

Take your miniature bottle charms and gently, carefully pull out the cork top from the opening of the bottle. Set the cork aside and make sure that there is no loose cork debris inside the bottle.

Step 2:

Take one mini natural gold feather and one blue iridescent peacock feather and hold them up next to the bottle to see if they will fit inside! If they look too large, take your scissors and carefully trim and shape them down to the right size starting at the quill tipped end. Keep in mind there still needs to be enough space for the feather to fit with the cork cap fitted in as well!

Step 3:

Gently push the feathers inside the bottle, light tapping it to slide them into place if needed. You can use the toothpick to help you get the exact placement right and to help you comb out any spots that look tangled or rough.

Step 4:

Take your cork cap and push it firmly into place so that it will not slide out! Using your needle nose pliers, open the loop on the top of the cork cap and attach it to your necklace chain, closing it around it.

You are finished and now ready to wear your necklace! You could make a few in different bottle sizes and necklace lengths, consider adding in other tiny charms or glitter to the bottle, and give these as gifts to people of all ages!

Feathers used:

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