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Dipped Feather Escort Cards- Wedding DIYs

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These dipped feather escort cards will add a touch of magic to any wedding! Using only a few supplies, follow our instructions for an easy way to hep your guests find their tables on your special day!

Supplies you’ll need:

-White Goose Satinettes Feathers

-Gold metallic Paint

-Gold glitter

-Black paint (or a color that matches your wedding color scheme)

-Styrofoam block/sheet

-A bowl



-Small paper tags with guests’ names & table numbers printed

Step 1:

Take the styrofoam block and paint it black (or whatever color you prefer to match your color scheme), allow it to dry completely.

Step 2:

Take a white goose feather and paint the top inch of the feather, on both sides, with the gold metallic paint. Putting the bowl underneath to catch the excess, sprinkle glitter onto the paint until both sides are coated. Prop upright to dry.

Step 3:

Once the feathers are dry, take a small length of string and tie the name tags to the quill tip of each gold tipped feather. Push the feathers into the Styrofoam so that they stand upright. For a more organized appearance, pre-measure evenly spaced rows on the Styrofoam, based on how many feathers you will have, and place the feathers accordingly.

​DIY Feather Boutonniere- Wedding DIYs

Supplies you’ll need:-Thin floral wire-Satin ribbon or twine-Pipe cleaners-Hot glue-Mini Natural Peacock Tail Body Feathers-Natural Guinea Hen Plumage Feathers-Brown Duck Cochettes-Brown Reeves Venery Pheasant Feathers-Ivory Goose Coquille Feathers-ScissorsStep 1:Take two brown duck cochettes and place one on top of the other. Then layer the guinea or pheasant feather and the ivory goose feather on top of those. [...]

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Succulent & Feather Table Arrangement- Wedding DIYs

Supplies you’ll need:-Small succulent plants-Succulent potting soil-Small shovel or spoon-4-6” Natural Ringneck Pheasant Feathers-Mason jar-Twine-Small flowers-Large paint brushStep 1:Take your mason jar and fill it up almost to the top with soil. Use the shovel or spoon to make holes where you want to plant the succulents in. Step 2:Place the succulent plants into the holes and [...]

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DIY Feather Candle Votive

These cute feather candleholders make the perfect accent to any home, special event, or wedding! Follow our tutorial to learn how to create them!Supplies you’ll need:-Small glass votive candleholders-Various sized feathers-Hot glue-Hot glue gun-Glitter ribbon-Scissors Step 1:Decide what order you would like your feathers to be arranged in, measuring them to the outside of the glass votive. [...]

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These mini feather-covered trees are easy to make in any size and make the perfect home addition in time for Christmas!Supplies you’ll need:Foam craft coneTurkey T-Base Plumage FeathersHot glueGlue gunGlitterSpray AdhesiveSmall tree topperStep 1:Starting at the bottom of your foam cone, begin gluing the feathers close together with the hot glue so that they’re natural curve turns upwards. [...]

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