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Bohemian style has taken over and can be easily customized to fit into almost any other style. In this DIY we are making our own Mid-Century Modern meets Bohemian wall hanging. We are sticking to a simple and minimal Mid-Century feel by leaving free hanging strings in a color blocked pattern, but are adding a bohemian twist with the use of a feathered trim.

Here’s what you need:

Hot glue gun


1 long wooden dowel or stick- Feel free to modernize this by using a thin copper pipe.

1 piece of twine, cut to double the length of your dowel

3 different colored yarns that fit into your color scheme, you may also customize the thickness of your yarn. We are using white, gray, and blue.

1 Yard - Natural Gray Chinchilla Rooster Feathers Trim found here:

Let’s get started!

  1. Measure out the length you want your wall hanging to be by holding a piece of yarn from the stick or dowel and pulling it down to your desired length.
  2. Fold the yarn at your desired length to double it, cut here.Our pieces were roughly 30 inches long.
  3. Continue this until you have enough yarn to create the desired thickness of your wall hanging. Do this with each color
  4. Secure the twine to each end of the dowel by tying a secure knot
  5. Start securing your yarn to the dowel by wrapping the looped end around the back of the dowel and pulling the length through the front. You can do this with single pieces or multiple pieces to create a different look.
  6. Once the yarn is secure, trim the bottom of your wall hanging to clean up the edges. You can cut this at any angle or pattern you like. We’ve chosen to cut it into a ‘V’ shape.


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