6 Pieces - Golden Yellow Reeves Venery Pheasant Small Quill Feathers

Moonlight Feather
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This listing is for 6 pieces of very beautiful venery pheasant quill feathers. These craft feathers are small natural gold reeves venery pheasant wing feather. The color is an nice golden yellow and black accents stripes with some hint of golden yellow. 
Each feather is approx 4-5 inches long. Uses include jewelry making, arts and crafts, decorations, and displays. Feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are handpicked and in good condition. 
Wholesale and bulk purchase available upon request. 
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Please note that dyed feathers may vary slightly in color as a result of being in different dye lots.  Although the differences should only be slight, please contact us if you need the colors to match.