4 Inch Strip - 6-7" Natural White Strung Rooster Neck Hackle Feathers

Moonlight Feather
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This listing is for 4 inches of beautiful natural rooster hackle feathers along the stitch. There are about 50-60 feathers in this listing. This is a natural feather, and the color pattern may vary. The length of each of these white feathers measured tip to tip, ranges in length from 6-7 inches. 
This style is sewn on a small cord for easy application, but can be easily separated into individual feathers. Feathers are bleached and sanitized, ready to be used for all crafting projects. These rooster feathers are super popular in incorporating them into your jewelry, hair extension, costumes and other special occasions. 
Feathers vary widely in shape and size. Not all feathers are in perfect condition. 
Wholesale and bulk purchase of these strung rooster saddle feathers is available.
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