Carnival Shoulder Piece - Inspired DIY Costume

Carnival Shoulder Piece - Inspired DIY Costume

Posted by Moonlight Feather on Oct 22nd 2018

This shoulder piece is one of the most versatile costumes you can make and a great accent piece for carnival. You can easily take any villain or royalty costume to the next level by making this project using different colored feathers. We love pairing it with our wrist cuffs here:

Here's what you need:

Cardboard arch- cut to your desired size


Hot glue gun


Jewels or gem stickers

Feathers, we used:

Let's get started:

First, cut your cardboard into your desired shape and size.

Attach ribbon to the end of each arch, making sure it's long enough to tie around the back.

Begin glueing feathers around the arch, be sure to layer them longest to shortest.

Once you have your desired coverage, add gems or rhinestones to your liking.

Clean away excess hot glue.