Feather Maintenance

Feather Maintenance

Posted by Ash on Sep 25th 2018

How to Wash Feathers

  • Start by rinsing the feathers in water (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) to sanitize the feathers, you can add a tbsp of alcohol to sanitize further
  • (stay away from bleach as this will dissolve your feathers and hydrogen peroxide will bleach the feather)
  • Soak the feathers in a water and dish soap mixture for up to 15-20 minutes (washing feathers like you wash your hands, feathers are much more durable than you would expect!)  

  • Once the feathers are to the cleanliness you are looking for you can now give the feathers a final rinse with water

How To Dry a Feather

Stiff Feather

  • air dry and blow dry 
  • if you can see the feathers starting to split run your fingers thorough the feather throughout the drying process

Delicate Feather (ostrich,marabou)

  • blow dry and air dry throughout the drying 
  • if you can use a pet brush to "refluff" ostrich feathers while blow drying

How to Store Feathers

Feathers are made up of protein similar to human hair so you will want to store them to protect them from small bugs moths, mites etc.

  • Store feathers loosely with moth crystals- these will prevent small bugs from wanting to munch on your feathers! (replace moth crystals every 3-6 months
  • keep feathers in a sealed bag or shoe box 
  • you may also store feathers in the freezer (be sure they are in a sealed bag)

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