Bulk Ostrich Drabs

You will find a variety of sizes in our wholesale bulk ostrich drabs feathers. They range in size from 6-8", 11-13", 14-17", 17-19" and 19-24" long. In each half pound you get different amount of feathers, the larger the feather the least you will get in half a pound. You will need approximately 20 to 30 feathers for table centerpiece. These feathers are called ostrich drabs and are from the body feathers of an ostrich. They are nice full feathers with elongating shape. These bulk ostrich drab feathers are naturally molted and dyed for preference. These ostrich drab feathers available in a variety of colors for all of your projects. You can use them for wedding centerpiece, costume making, mardi gras event, floral arrangement, fly tying, dream catcher and other crafting purpose.