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10 Stores we love from ETSY

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Check out these Etsy stores we hand selected for your pleasure! 

1NJUU - has the coolest feather earring and ear cuffs for sale that we absolutely love. They use guinea feathersrooster and ringneck pheasant feathers in variety of shades to make them pop when you have it on your ears!

2. CcMillineryCreations - This overly bold statement headpiece is made to stand out. Make sure you stand with your head up high! Black and white guinea feathers, duck featherscoquetail feathers and ringneck pheasant feathers can be found making this masterpiece!

3. at21boutique - This pumpkin bowtie is a must have for this Halloween for gentlemen with a twist of fun. If you fancy to recreate something similar you can head on here to find out about our guinea feathers and ringneck pheasant feathers.

4. Rougepony - This whimsical, steampunk cape are made with 3 rows of iridescent black rooster feathers and a layer of grizzly hen plumage. One for team Greatest Showman!

5. BurningPlaya - We have a hard time choosing which product to be featured here in our blog because we love them all! Custom made epaulettes layered with high quality iridescent black rooster feathers ranging from 5-9" long. You can wear them to burning man after Halloween is over!

6. Xiaolindesign - This is some high quality dress fit for a runway. It reminds me of Charlize Theron from The Huntsman: Winter's War. This dress is made with 100% goose nagoire feathers hand painted gold. If you start now, you might be ready for next year's Halloween!

7. LoveTutuCouture - Who knows mermaids use feathers under the sea? This mermaid does and it's chandelle boa to be exact. Just make sure you don't run into Ursula.

8. Shelovesaccessories - She ain't kidding when she says she loves accessories. And feathers ...and laces...and chains. Yup, they are cool! 

9. Tutugorgeousgirl - Peacock feathered tutus for your baby and I can guarantee you that she will be the center of attention all night! 

10. KirahleyKreations - Remember Kevin from UP? If your kids want to be a bird this year, might as well be Kevin. This headband will complete your costume as they are feathered with purple peacock feathers , blue stripped coquetails , blue marabou boa and a couple macaw plumage.  

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